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No, Nudist’s Aren’t Perverts.

One common misconception of Nudists is that they are sex addicts and perverts. In fact, one need not to go far for articles that address the issue. But what are Nudists really about?

Why Do People See Nudists as Perverts?

Although sex and nudism are two very different things, it’s easy to understand how and why people may confuse them. Many people view the naked body as something sexual, probably because a lot of shared naked activities are sex. So it’s understandable. And men, in particular, can be viewed as predatory if naked outside of these situations.

We are also brought up to view nudity as shameful, or dirty, dependent on either social, family or religious beliefs. It’s just being human. But, at the same time, so is learning.

Nudists and Nudity

The ‘Why?’ of Nudism varies on depending the person you ask, and that meaning may be very deep and special.  For some, it is a lifestyle, for others; philosophical. It may even be a political and cultural statement. No matter the reason, the intent is usually good. And that’s great.

And when asked to describe Nudism, practitioners often use similar words.  Freedom, relaxation, liberty, comfort and harmony are ubiquitous. And between these different definitions, there is one more important agreement. Nudism, as practised outside of the bedroom,  doesn´t have anything to do with sexual pleasure.

Nudists, Nudity and Eroticism

Unlike the term ‘Nudism’, the term of eroticism inherently relates to sex. It is all about human attraction and physical interaction. And Eroticism isn’t a bad thing, either privately or expressed in culture. In fact, great art, sculpture, film, literature and music have been written with Eroticism in mind. And this does include Pornography. We are human, we like naked humans.

A Nudist may be just as enamoured with Eroticism as anyone else, but the crucial distinction is that being ‘nude’ alone does not suggest erotic intent. A naked woman can just be naked, without any designs or motives other than their own self-expression.

The bigger issue is that due to Eroticism, and its baseline human desire, it is not unreasonable to quickly equate Nudity with sexual intent. The issue lies in the assumption, not the practice itself. So how do we move forward?

Nudists And The Message

There is nothing wrong with the existence of erotic creations and pornography. Because there is nothing wrong with having sexual desires. Nudism is about normalizing non-sexual nudity.  Everyone that has experienced Nudism can understand this. But there is a time and place for everything.

In a previous article, we discussed the ‘Stigma‘ of Nudism, and we encourage you to learn more about it. Chances are you may find some answers to burning questions. But when considering how you convince the public that your intent in being nude is not sexual, there are some clear problems. But also, a way forward; engagement.

Talk to the public, take opportunities to inform where you can. Radio, Television, Newspapers or even your own blog. The more you can speak, listen and engage, find common ground and answer questions, the more informed the public will be. You may not change every mind, but you don’t have to. Every small step adds up to a journey.

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