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Where will I start?

The other day I placed something on FaceBook and got the reaction “You’re a Heathen, aren’t you?”
At first I could laugh at it, but later on I did’nt think so,
I am an Atheïst, a “Heathen” is someone who has a different faith than the one who calls him / her “Heathen“.
What’s the difference between Atheïst & Heathen, to explain it at its simplest,
an Atheïst does not believe in a god and / or gods (no, not even in the devil) nothing more and nothing less.

And then you often get to hear okay you don’t believe in a god, what are you so worried about?
Well I will explain that, I do not worry about it any more than believers, only are people so used to them that they no longer notice,
in music for example, or even when you turn on the television there is often something about a religion,
is not terrorism then it is homophobia, women oppression, church songs, or whatever,
and all under the denominator religion, because there are quite a few. (religions)

In our immediate environment, the Christian faith is very popular and why that is still true in 2019 I don’t really understand,
the Bible is the book that these people see as truth and some even call it history ,
Okay fair is fair, it must be the largest and longest existing hoax ever, which is made up somewhere far from my bed.

Yes, I say it is invented because it is written by humans,
it is suspected by about 40 authors over a period of about 1500 years,
so that is quite a bit 😀 how credible can thatl be?
If you want to know more about the Bible and why I think that book is rather nonsense then look here because if you go to a counselor for a consultation,
they will only tell the “positive” stories from that book because they are rather inclined to read selectively and where they can’t find themselves in,
they don’t want to see, or skip it just because they don’t like the fact is that it is full of violence, slavery, genocide, rape, murder, infanticide and so on.
So dear people, I can spend hours on this, but I am not such a good writer, but for those who wanted to know this is what Ome Sake is, and nothing else.
Thank you for your attention and who knows until my next blog 😀
Meantime, below some videos to make it a bit clearer.
The first is dutch spoken, and edited by myself, the second is the original english version.

Original English version

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