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This therefore concerns all types of jewelry that penetrate the skin.
Thousands of years before people like Ome Sake presented their nose piercing to the public, piercing was done all over the world.
With tribal people all over the world, this procedure served as an expression of their tribal connection or for a change in their lives.
However, these piercings had not as much to do with a tunnel, plug or helix as we know them today.

In addition to the ears, the mouth, cheeks, tongue, nose and chin used to be the presentation surface for body jewelry.
Today it is no longer about rituals, but rather about beautifying your appearance and promoting your individuality.
That is why piercings can actually be worn anywhere on the body.
Piercings in all shapes, colors and sizes.
You usually go to a professional piercer to put on a piercing.
However, there are also countless tools & accessories available for experienced piercing fans.
When pierced piercings are about ear holes,
they will be further enlarged over time to be able to wear cool tunnels, plugs or tubes in the ear holes then called “lobes”.
Expanders (also called tapers and stretchers) are used to enlarge the lobes.

Widespread piercings that are suitable for daily use are, for example, barbells and trendy tongue piercing,

Tongue piercing from Ome Sake

exiting navelpiercings (often called banana piercing or curved barbells ) also stylisch traguspiercings and labrets are worn by people like Ome Sake .

Belly button Skull piercing from Ome Sake


A sexy nipple piercing like Rihanna has,
or even a seductive intimate piercing are a lot more unusual.
The classics among the piercings include the belly piercing (for pregnant ladies, there are also navel piercings here) the attractive nose piercing.
For this you can choose from nose plugs, septum clickers and nose rings.
Spirals and round barbells such as lip rings are also very popular.
And of course the alluring eyebrow piercing is also available in various types.
Implants (implants or dermal anchors) that grow together with skin tissue are becoming increasingly popular.
Piercing rings (segment rings, clamping rings, clamping ball rings, etc.) can be worn almost anywhere and are therefore the all-rounders among the piercings.
Piercings are incredibly versatile.
Moreover, with piercing piercing balls en accessories or also individual piercing bars, the piercings can be designed very individually.
The material usually used is 316L surgical steel that has an extra elegant appearance as gold-plated steel or in rose gold.
But titanium, acrylic and natural materials such as wood, stone or bone are also used.
Titanium or bioflex are the first material to be used, especially for newly-pierced piercings.
because allergic reactions to these piercing materials are virtually unknown.
With so many options, everyone is guaranteed to find a suitable piercing.
If you are not sure yet, there are also countless fake piercings (eg ear cuffs, fake plugs or fake septums)
available to first try out how a piercing will look on you.

Do you also have something of … .. well seems to me something, such a tough or sexy piercing,
please contact me and we can arrange something 😉

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Ome Sake has 18 piercings in total and is also a piercer,
below some images from piercing I did.

Nipple man


Nipple woman


Ear “lobe”


Nose piercing


2x Auricle













Nipple woman

Nipple woman


Nipple woman

Navel “Belly button”



Dermal Anchors




Bonus Video


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